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Welcome To The World’s Most Practical and Easily Accessible Belt Buckle Knife.
Heirloom quality belt buckle knives handcrafted to detail.
Featuring flags, flames, skulls, hand engraved belt knives.
Engraved with sterling silver, add sterling silver to your buckle knife. Custom belt buckle knives.
Replacement knives for your belt buckle. Custom cut leather belts for men and women.
Efficient fire starters for your holster and keyring.
Belt buckle knife – great selection. Belt buckle knives that are practical to tactical.
Perfect for the collector, handyman and sportsman.
Look sharp and have your knife easily accessible at all times.
No reaching or taking your belt off to access your knife. Compare to the competition.
Feel free to browse our belt buckle knife selection or order by phone.
No questions asked return policy, heirloom quality belt buckle knives that are guaranteed for life.
All Unlike Most gear is Made in the USA and backed with our no questions asked return policy.
See what other customers have to say about our belt buckle knife.

Posted 4-15-2015 By Aaron Eissens! Tom, I received my new belt buckle knife I ordered and couldn’t be more pleased.
I feel like I have been reunited with a old friend with this knife.
I’d like to say thanks once again for making a quality product. Sincerely, Aaron Eissens.
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flame skull belt buckle knife

Flames & Flags

flames and flags belt buckle knife

knifeanim2 Bass Belt Buckle Knife

Wildlife Buckles

Wildlife belt buckle knife

Hand Engraved Scroll Belt Buckle Knife

Engraved Buckles


Sterling Silver American Flag and Initials Belt Knife

Engraved With Sterling Silver

Engraved with sterling silver belt buckle knives

Add Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Knives

Add Sterling Silver

add sterling silver

American Flag Belt Buckle Knife

Basic Buckle Knives


Custom Belt Buckle Knives

Custom Buckle Knives

custom belt buckle knife

Closeout Belt Buckle Knives

Closeout Belt Knives


Replacement Belt Buckle Knives

Replacement Buckle Knives

Replacement knives

Belt Buckle Knife Leather Belts

Leather Belts

Leather belts

Belt Buckle Knife Sharpeners

Belt Buckle Knife Sharpeners

knife sharpeners

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