Belt Knife – Knife Buckle

Welcome to our shop.

From here you can choose which belt buckle knife category you choose to shop from.
Remember you can mix and match any knife in any buckle.
There is so many unique ways to customize your belt buckle knife.

A few key features we would like you to know about:

1. We provide you with a lifetime warranty – no questions asked return policy.
We stand behind our products 100%. “Compare to the Competition” No comparison.
2. No reaching or having to remove your belt to access your knife. “Huge Advantage”.
3. The look and feel of our belt buckle knife. “Compare to the Competition”.
4. Add sterling silver initials and charms. Custom hand engraving “Competition None”.
5. Efficient fire starter accessible on your belt buckle knife.
6. You can create a belt knife that is one of a kind. Not mass produced.
7. Handcrafted and made in the USA. “Heirloom Quality”
8. Friendly and supportive staff. “We value our customers”

Feel free to contact us by form or give us a call with any questions. (530) 335-2450.

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