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belt buckle knife reviews

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-28-2010 By Chris!
“Many thanks” I was like a big kid waiting for it to arrive.
Beautiful work of art that will last a few lifetimes. Thanks again.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-02-2010 By Jeffrey Halstead! “I ordered my custom buckle at the Easyrider show in January 2004” I wear and use this knife everyday since the day I received it and will never go a day without it… This knife is outstanding in everyway and I have never had the slightest problem with it.. Thanks again, P.S. I only came on this site to purchase a new buckle.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-07-2010 By Donald George!
“The detail & finish top notch” Thanks great blade, you get what you pay for. Fast ship THANKS SEMPERFI

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-19-2010 By Guy In Canada! “I received the knife this week” Great quality and sharp knife and fun to use. Took little over a week and I’m very happy with the product. Thanks again!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-27-2010 By Dom From France! “Hello! very satisfied, good quality cordially Dom”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-08-2010 By Jacob Meats! “I bought an Unlike Most knife at a Motorcycle Rally in Tulare, California back in the summer of 2003”. I always received compliments on it and I was always the first person with my knife out when it was needed. The best experience with Greg though was years later at an Expo in San Diego three years later. I approached his booth to tell him what a great product he had and ask him how business was going. He immediately asked to see my knife, which of course was on my belt. It was the original design and he had made some improvements since I had made my purchase, mainly the nylon inserts for lightning fast and super smooth opening action. He swapped me knives on the spot no questions asked. I also pointed out a loose pin on my buckle from so much use and it turned out they had redesigned that as well. Since I had a custom engraved buckle he would need to take it to his shop to make the changes. Again he didn’t hesitate in giving me a loner to keep my pants up until he could return my original buckle. All he asked was that I ship the loner back to him when he sent mine after the upgrade. I’ve worn out three belts over the past seven years, but have always used Unlike Most to keep those belts snug around my waist and a sharp edge close at my fingertips. Thanks for the tough product and especially the refreshing small town service. Jake U.S. Naval Service Member Motorcycle Enthusiast!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-14-2010 By Ronald K Becker! “I think I have had this knife (left handed, by the way) for 5 to 6 years” it is the best tool I have ever bought! I probably open it 50 times a day, and have since I bought it. It STAYS sharp, it OPENS lightning fast, you can GET TO IT in the most awkward places, IT WORKS! I am in the printing and graphics industry, and I find it INDESPENSIBLE when lettering a vehicle, or even in prep! IMAGINE not having to roll over yer’ belt sheath or even having to thread it up before your morning coffee! This has been a great tool! I am buying my second one, and going to send in this one for a refurb, which is INCLUDED in your purchace- I need the second one because I refuse to go a day without one! IF you carry a knife, THIS is the best upgrade you can make!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-24-2010 By Mike! “Thank you Tom for the wonderful customer service”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2010 By Mike Stephenson! “I could not be happier with the product or the service” When I ordered my buckle, belt and sharpener I had the opportunity to speak to Tom who is one hell of a great guy. As I live in Canada it took a bit of time for my stuff to arrive. I being like a kid waiting for Christmas called and spoke to Tom looking for a delivery date. The levels of Customer Service I received were amazing. After spending some time with my new buckle, the only negative I can find is which one to order next. Thank you for creating such an ingenious product constructed out of top of the line materials backed up with the best customer service experience I have ever had.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2010 By Kelli! “Hi,Tom” I just wanted to let you know the buckle arrived on Saturday afternoon and I just couldn’t wait to give it to my son. We didn’t tell him what it was so when he opened it he had a time figuring it out and how it worked, it was rather comical. Anyway, he absolutely loves it now that he has figured it out (lol). I can’t thank you enough for what you did and I greatly appreciate it. I’m sure I will be ordering another one in the near future.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2010 By Hellen Kieffer! Thank you! I love it! Thanks Again! Helen Kieffer.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2010 By Ed Sharp! Gentlemen, I got my special order buckle yesterday and spent the afternoon and evening showing it to everyone I know.. And today it gets shown to the guy who put me onto you in the first place.. Have sent pictures of it to several fellow retired Navy folks and would not be surprised if you don’t get some orders from them for a buckle soon.. Thanks again for all your hard work and craftsmanship.. It is beautiful and worthy of being framed and mounted in my home.. But I will wear it with pride and increased confidence in my safety.. Thanks again.. Ed Sharp

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2010 By Ed Sharp! Please feel free to use my comments as you see fit and I hope you took some photos for bragging about your custom work too.. Thanks again for a wonderful product, perfect customer service and craftsmanship worthy of being called a legend.. Ed Sharp

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-21-2010 By Bill Buell! Tom, I saw my friend Alberts knife last summer. Mine came today, and words can not describe how I feel. It is just beautiful, the knife, the workmanship, I am very proud to wear your knife. Cindy, Bobby’s wife saw it this afternoon, and her eyes just lit up, she thought it was a fine piece of jewelry. She loved the Bear Paw. Thanks again, Tom, it makes my heart feel so good, that we still have such surperb craftsman in the USA. Bill

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-21-2010 By Kevin Cruickshank! “This is a superior product made to exacting specifications” A very well thought out design.
I am certain I will treasure mine for years, thx.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-26-2010 By Becky Venter! Wow! Thanks so much Tom! What service … I really appreciate all of your help with getting my order out so promptly and for including the Worlds Handiest Sharpener. That was really thoughtful of you and I can’t wait to give it a try. We will be sure to use the extra business cards too, so hopefully you will get some further business from this neck of the woods.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-26-2010 By Mike Ft. Collins Colorado! “I am writing to thank the guys at for EXCELLENT service” Product is delivered promptly and any questions or concerns are addressed above and beyond what is necessary. Thanks for being a dealer customers can count on!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-03-2010 By Rick Andersohn! “Bought the plain smooth style three years ago” I’ve cut 6 pound test line, leather boot laces and countless other items while camping or just at work. I’ve only slid the blade on a sharpener once just to clean off the dried blood of a nice trout I caught and fried shortly after the catch.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-03-2010 By Tyler Freiberg! I use the knife every day and if I forget to put on my belt I’ll tell you what its like not having your belt because you will grab for your knife all day and you’ll be mad that you didn’t have it. I love the knife I use it all the time and if you are still thinking of getting one just get one you will love it!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-09-2010 By Blake Pearson! Thanks so much!! You have been extremely thoughtful throughout this whole process, I really appreciate it!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-12-2010 By 8 Ball! “Thank you very much” Best knife I have ever had! 8 Ball.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-18-2010 By Gus Farrell! “Thank you for your great customer service”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-18-2010 By Alex In Canada! Phenomenal customer service with a phenomenal product. Shipping was pretty quick for a Canadian resident. Price was very fair and the quality was magnificent, well worth every dollar. Thank you

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-02-2010 By Ryan Leighton! I work in the fire service and this is the knife to have. It has come in handy so many times on wildland incidents and is greatly accessible. If there is an easyrider show in Sacramento next year again I hope to see you there so I can buy another.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-25-2010 By Andrew (Vancouver, BC) Hi Tom, got this wonderful toy last week. Couldn’t stop playing with it all weekend. Its all for real just as advertised. Thank you very much!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-26-2010 By PJ! Just got my knife and absolutely love it….VERY utilitarian, effective and high quality. Too bad someone didn’t come up with this design earlier! As a practitioner of the Filipino combat systems, I find this to be the only “tool” I need…highly recommended!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-26-2010 By Dai! Buckle & Belt arrived… VERY pleased with the supplied article… Also VERY pleased with the service & communication throughout the transaction.. GOOD JOB & WELL DONE to all concerned..

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-26-2010 By Ethan! Tom: It’s Ethan replying back… Just wanted to let you know that my knife and buckle came in today. I want to thank you, and tell you that I am most definitely not disappointed. I thought the video and buckles looked pretty sweet online, but to actually have one of my own is way better. Thanks again. Sincerely Ethan.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-13-2010 By Joe Bomberger! Tom, Thanks so much for “replacing” my knife. I must say, better customer service than most companies out there, thanks again.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-24-2010 By Austin! Hi Tom: Thanks for an enjoyable conversation and pleasant buying experience. Looking forward to my buckle knives. Talk to you later. Regards, Austin.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-29-2010 By Chris D. Bell! Being in police work for over 30 years, I always like unusual life saving tools. I own many knives, but your’s takes the cake. What a wonderful knife and a great concept. I met Greg in 03 in Sturgis and wanted his buckleknife then, but was nearly out of money. It took along time to get one, but the wait was well worth it. Thanks guys for a great life saving tool.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-21-2010 By Richard Bomely! ust to let you know again, My son, the Chicago Fireman, still shows off his CFD knife buckle you made for him at least two years ago. Thanks again. Richard Bomely

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-21-2010 By Mike Mills! Over and Over again you’ll read and hear these words “Id feel Naked without it”. Buy one and you’ll be saying it to.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-21-2010 By Barbara Kenney! WOW talk about fast!! I’m so impressed with the awesome and incredible speed with which that buckle not only got to me the first time but with its replacement not soon after my sending it to you. It is beautiful, nice job! Your customer service is fantastic!! Thank you so very much for accommodating me with such quick turn-around-time, friendly communication, and no-questions-asked service. It’s so nice to come across people who really care about not only their product but dealing with people on a one-on-one level and to just talk. You guys are great. My fiancee absolutely loves the buckle knife and shows it to everyone. It made his birthday special — thank you. PS. Not only did the knife make his day, but we eloped and married on his birthday as well. Thanks again, Barbara Kenney

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-25-2010 By Rob! Tom, that is very generous of you. Thank you for your professionalism and a great product. I will send the buckle in the mail today.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-05-2010 By Darryl Broadie! Just received my custom FREEMAN buckle you guys are great all the round. Craftsmanship, customer service, when I called up it was like talking to an old friend. Thanks again.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-14-2010 By Hillary Wells! I recently sent a buckle (my husband had purchased at a car show) back to you to get the blade he broke replaced. I want to start by saying my husband has been in love with his custom engraved buckle since he bought it, and loves showing it off. After he broke the blade, just from constant use, he set it aside and has not worn it. As Christmas was approaching I thought getting his buckle back in working order would be a useful present. I contacted your company and had the pleasure of dealing with Tom. He was very punctual and friendly about all my questions and assured me Greg would take care of my buckle needs and get it back to me quickly. So true. I received it back in less than 2 weeks. And with the new and improved buckle came a receipt that said “no charge”. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated that and did not expect it what so ever. Thank you for being such a professional and respectable company, it’s a pleasure working with you and thanks for making my husband feel complete again. Sincerely, Hillary Wells

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-14-2010 By Johnny Dejan! Hello everybody at and not least to you Tom for making a perfect xmas gift. Nice to see a wellmade homebuild craftmanship of a belt buckle and knife, easy to see its made by human hands and it has to be used to become a perfect tool. I got it 5 days after I ordered it and I live in Denmark Scandinavia. Everybody buy now and you’ll have it before xmas and well worth the effort of a nice handy tool in blink of an eye. Thanx for the gift this year.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-20-2010 By Lisa H! I can’t think of the last time I have experienced such great customer service. Tom was more than helpful and sincere- especially since I was placing an order so close to Christmas. We are repeat customers and love the knife so much we thought it’d make a great gift. The buckle we purchased 10 years ago is as good as new and still looks great with the replacement knife we just paired with it. Thanks Tom and crew and keep doing what you do best!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-06-2011 By Tom Luth! A friend of mine. Terry Brown, bought my first knife from you. After a very short while of wearing the buckle occasionally I found myself reaching for the knife to open a box or cut an orange and sometimes it wasn’t there because I wasn’t wearing it. I wear it all the time now. This is like smoking, once you start you can’t stop! I bought 6 of them for my clients this year and it’s the best gift you can give anyone. The warranty makes the gift even more impressive. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. Tom Luth Austin, Texas.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-06-2011 By Jeff Dekett! I have to tell you Tom the more I use my belt buckle knife, the more I love it. It is the only knife that I have carried and used every day since I have received it. I dare say that it is my favorite knife. So, thanks again Tom. Jeff Dekett.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-10-2011 By Chris Roman! I Love it! Cant Stop looking at hand engraved Work. Simply Genius! Wish I found this a long time ago. It’s everything you say it is and more! Thanks Greg!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-24-2011 By RL! Thanks it arrived and it’s awesome. Great knife, great service!” – RL

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-25-2011 By Owyn Bradford! Love mine more each day! Jeff another customer and friend is giving me practice tips for developing speed. Great way to keep my britches from fallin’ down too! Whatta blade, and what excellent service. Lots of word of mouth advertising is gonna be coming from me.”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-28-2011 By Bill Slinkard! I received my buckle in three days. I have been carrying knives all my life. I have used every holster out there as well as clips. I find this the best design of all times. It is just like the video shows and I got pretty darn quick in the first hour. I am experienced with knives so I picked it up really quick. I think this is the best way to carry and use a knife. Thanks for a great product. I am impressed.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-06-2011 By Donald George! The best belt knife iv,e owned. Had mine for over a year. It works and looks just like the day I got it. High quality craftsmanship. THANK YOU

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-21-2011 By Jason Rawhut! Hi guy’s, just got my belt and buckle. You guy’s did an awesome job! thanks a bunch. Jason Rawhut

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-14-2011 By Jennifer Fisher! Hi there!! Well, when I lived in Redding, CA, my husband bought a knife at a convention. He used it so much he lost it on the job… lol. So, I immediately called and had it replaced for him. In 2009, we moved to Texas and I can’t tell you how many people wanted to know where he got his knife… I didn’t have business cards to hand out at the time but told many folks about the knife and website. Today, we ordered another for my father-in-law for his birthday!! I’m so glad to know you folks, you have been great and kind. I love the product and thank you for sending me business cards so I can pass them out to all who ask about this wonderful knife. Thanks!!


Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-24-2011 By Julian Bradford! My belt buckle knife has become part of my EDC and I’m never without it. The quality amazed me from the first and it’s grand having such a high quality little knife always available and ready. Lots of cheapie imitators out there, but just as there is no substitute for victory in armed conflict, so there’s no substitute for the real, honest-to-gosh!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-25-2011 By Matt C! I have had my knife for almost 2 years. This thing has seen a rough life. It finally lost a screw because I didn’t think to tighten them up after it hitting the floor repeatedly. I called to order a replacement screw and they are sending me a new knife! I have never seen customer service like this! Best money I have ever spent on a knife, hands down.

Posted 3-25-2011 By John Harden! Just got the knife 2 days ago and am having an emotional experience over it. Such quality and craftsmanship. Anyone who asks about it will get your website given to them. Nice to know there are still companies out there like yours. Keep up the good work.

Posted 3-26-2011 By Bob Meyer! Let me start with Thank You. I ordered my belt knife on friday got it on monday really fast service. I have carried a knife all my life from boyscouts, work, military and back not the biggest but the fastest. Very nice tool to last a life time. Agian thank you. I’ll be back!!

Posted 4-10-2011 By Allan Angliss! International shipping, but definitely worth the short wait, just brilliant. And the Customer service is great.

Posted 4-16-2011 By John Bryant! Hi, thanks for the super fast speed in which my replacement knife came. I ordered on the 13th and now I have it today on the 15th!. The knife feels great. I’ve been practising 4 yrs now. Cheers

Posted 4-17-2011 By John Jordan “Sid”! Love the knife! Bought it in Daytona this year. As soon as I touched it, I felt the quality; great look, great engineering. Proud it’s made in America. Thanks, Sid from South Jersey

Posted 5-04-2011 By Baron Baron! Thanks for the prompt delivery of the knife. You guys are the most reliable people. Thanks again.

Posted 5-04-2011 By Gypsy Dowley! Fantastic piece of kit. Always at hand

Posted 5-08-2011 By April Vaughn! Tom, We got the belt and it fits great and he loves it! It was supposed to be for birthday in June but it was too cool so had to give it to him early! Thanks again! April

Posted 5-13-2011 By Ryan Thompson! I personally never carried a knife. After receiving an belt buckle knife from my boss as a christmas present, I absolutely use this knife for everything!!! I would recommend to everyone! It is so convenient, clean, quick, and always accessible. Thank You!!

Posted 5-20-2011 By Tim Kauffman! got my knife ahead of schedule, I have been practicing with it. Nice workmanship, obviously my wife tells me to quit playing with it, the knife that is, its more than what I expected. tk

Posted 5-29-2011 By Goran! Well… what can I say… I am AMAZED !!! First of all, it came much earlier than I expected. I can’t believe that it can be delivered in that time from the States to Serbia. It came faster than most of my orders from UK or Holland! However, your product is what amazes me the most. I would like to kindly request you to pass on my best regards to Mr. Greg Gillespie. Supreme craftsmanship (not to mention the ingenious design) was something that I always expected from a US product. And this one exceeded even that! I will wear it with pride, knowing that I am in possession of THE best product on the globe. All the best, Goran

Posted 6-23-2011 By George Dimoulios! First impression (more likely first hour of playing with the buckle-knife) : BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To tell you that it is amazing is an understatement……. It seams that is better than it looks in the advertisement. Anyways, more comments after a full test drive on the upcoming summer, together with my next order 🙂 Regards, George Dimoulios

Posted 7-05-2011 By Kenneth Morishita! Hello Tom sorry it took so long for me to write my comment but I have issues hahaha. I would really like to thank you for sending out the other knife without me having to send you mine first. like I said I would have felt naked without it. The trust and faith that you had both ways is what it’s all about made me feel like family, great service and you didn’t screw up the order to my partner either. I really wasn’t expecting to hear a answer on the phone since it was Fathers Day I can understand how your ##1. You need to teach this service to other businesses. I will always refer your buckles they are the best. Hope your grand kids don’t hurt themself with the whips.

Posted 7-27-2011 By James B Young Ph.D! Howdy Tom, Just wanted to say thanks for giving me a call. The buckle is great, I have had mine now going on a year. And as advertised it is quick. You really do have a great product. Thanks again for the buckle and the belt. I will be on the lookout for it to arrive. James B. Young Ph.D.

Posted 7-28-2011 By Bobbi Garrigus! The buckle is awesome. I am so impressed. It is nicer than I imagined it would be, even prettier than it looks on the web site. Everyone should have one, as it is well worth the money spent. Thanks for the wonderful, fast, and individual service. Thank You so much Tom.

Posted 8-21-2011 By Bob O’Herron! Hello, Just a quick note of confirming my conversation with Gloria yesterday (8-15) to discuss the length of my new belt. As I mentioned to Gloria, I wear a 40″ waist Blue Jeans and my current favorite belt measures 47″ leather to leather not counting it’s buckle. All that said I believe we agreed on a belt approximately 46″. Additionally I’d like to sincerely thank Gloria for being so kind and understanding . Not only was she patient , but extremely helpful and knowledgeable with me. With this type of service BEFORE the sale I’m not only looking forward to my new belt buckle knife and belt, but am already completely assured my product will consist of the same professional integrity that the sale has been handled with. Thanks & Regards, Robert “Bob” O’Herron. & Gloria, Received my buckle and belt yesterday and EVERYTHING is perfect! Thanks again for all your help and assistance….. Nice doing business with you. Best Regards, Bob O’Herron

Posted 8-27-2011 By Youtube User Ghostginthree! I love this knife. I bought one from this gentlemen and I have gotten just about as fast and good as he is whipping this knife in & out. It comes very sharp with a sharpener that really hones a knife. It is awesome as well as the technique to remove the blade fast and open. Without knowing the technique you can’t pull the knife out. Love it.

Posted 8-29-2011 By JLF! I got it in plenty of time for his birthday, Thanks very much, I love the product (can’t get as fast as you but I’m working on it). Good luck to your future…JLF

Posted 9-07-2011 By Youtube User GoldenGlobe81! That’s fast! What a great idea!

Posted 9-07-2011 By Richard Smith! Tom, .Yes, I did get the knife. Thank you for backing your product up. Your Buckles are TOP NOTCH. I’ve got a few BRO’S in my club that might want one. They could not believe how you guys back your knives up. Tiny Tim said your better than case knives. That means a lot, he never has anything good like that to say about anyone. And he wants one! Once again THANK YOU! Richard Smith

Posted 9-12-2011 By Brian Achille! Thank you very much, this is a perfect example of excellent customer service. Brian Achille

Posted 9-12-2011 By Youtube User theoriginalanomaly! I have one… they are awesome. I bought some for my brothers for x-mas.

Posted 9-28-2011 By Ken Walz! I thought I lost my knife but I found it. I feel lost without it…it had only been a few hours. It’s one of the best inventions I’ve ever bought! I sure do love your buckles and thanks. Ken Walz

Posted 9-28-2011 By John! The belt is great and the new knife is really awesome can’t thank you enough you guys know how to treat your customers. I had no trouble putting the new shackle on the buckle once again Thank you very much for all the help and the new knife. John

Posted 9-29-2011 By Damian McDonell! When I was looking at your product at Sun & Surf 2011 in Ocean Shores I WAS IMPRESSED. After having it for a month I AM REALLY IMPRESSED!!!! I love the fact that I can wear it with my jeans and leathers. I also wear it to work ( I wear a shirt and tie ). You have a great product and I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Posted 10-04-2011 By Todd Flowers! Just received my buckle and its pretty dam cool ..Thanks again Tom…. You’re awesome ….!! Greg ….Thanks for everything…..You’re a great artist. Todd Flowers

Posted 10-09-2011 By K. Dehm!, I have been looking at this tool for about a year. I finally met someone with a buckle in real life. That was the clincher. My hardest choice was which one I wanted. I ordered on the 2nd and received it on the 5th of the same month!!! With both holster & key ring edition sharpeners. How awesome your customer service has been so far – just as stated by other customers. My only issues are the action, very tight & solid, to stiff to flip like my other tactical folders. And the size is kinda small for my large mitts. However I feel that both of these issues can be overcome with practice. Thank you so much for being one of the few truly fine products that I can purchase, made in America. STILL THE BEST. As soon as I can settle on my design I will be ordering another, custom, buckle. Thanks again.

Posted 10-11-2011 By John! Tom; Sorry to take so long getting back to you been working long hours. The belt is great and the new knife is really awesome can’t thank you enough you guys know how to treat your customers. I had no trouble putting the new shackle on the buckle. Once again Thank you very much for all the help and the new knife. John

Posted 10-18-2011 By John Tinkham! I have 3 of your knives, they are the best knives I have ever owned.

Posted 10-18-2011 By Beni Pey! Very impressed by the quality, and the staff were great.

Posted 10-18-2011 By Mohammed Yaseen From The United Kingdom! I received my buckle on 10/12/11. It took a while to get here, but was well worth the wait. Thanks to all at

Posted 10-28-2011 By Kevin Traschler! Hello, I am absolutely blown away with you guys at My Buckle Knife has been with me since 2003. I JUST got off the phone with probably the nicest man on this planet. I said that I was in need of a part, and that I was willing to pay shipping, plus the cost of the part. He told me just to give him my address, that he’d send it free of charge! What?
Oh, I like! This kind of service is above and beyond. I wish more retailers adopted this kind of service!

Posted 11-01-2011 By Cole Clouse! After purchasing your product I cannot go a day without using it. Your knife and buckle are by far the best and your customer service is second to none.

Posted 11-10-2011 By Mark! Received my belt and buckle yesterday. Thanks for the timely shipment (only 1 week!). Nice product! Mark

Posted 11-25-2011 By Dan Elam! I have had my knife now for 4 years and it is a daily user for me. It has been tried and true and would recommend it to everyone. It has been a great item for me to order for Christmas.

Posted 11-25-2011 By Tim Randall! I purchased my first Bucklehead knife at Sturgis 2008, and several since as gifts! Late last year the tiny screws loosened up and fell out? I just set it aside thinking one day soon I would call Tom and get authorization to return it. Well, some how I must have been talked into cleaning my closet and lost track of where I put my knife!! Darn it! Well last week I found it, got on the phone and called (Tom answered) not a recording!!! we talked a spell about lunatics, politics and woodtic’s, eventually I mentioned how much I missed my knife always being available! He said I would likely have a replacement by tomorrow and DARNED IF I DIDN’T PICK IT OUT OF THE MAIL BOX THE NEXT DAY!! “THIS WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE TOM AND HIS PRODUCTS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HIS INTEGRITY!! God Bless ya Tom! Tim Randall

Posted 12-03-2011 By Nick From The UK! Hi Tom. Received the buckle this morning and just wanted to say thanks very much, it’s a great bit of kit and I’m very pleased. Shipping was surprisingly quick to the UK too. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Nick

Posted 12-27-2011 By Jady! Hello Tom, Just a note to say we’ve received the mailings a few days before Christmas, and all are very pleased with the purchases! Thank you and a happy new year to you. Jady

Posted 1-01-2012 By Casey! Wow, thank you very much. That is excellent customer service, which is something that you don’t see very often. I really appreciate it. You have a great product, and I was very happy with it. But like you said, things happen. Thanks again, Casey

Posted 1-03-2012 By James Parent! Thank you for the OUTSTANDING customer service that you provided me just before Christmas. I have owned this product for almost 10 years and all I can say is that this set is “Unlike Most”! It is one the best products that I have owned. It has truly lived up to the “American Standard” of quality.

Posted 1-07-2012 By Christopher Ogoy! Dear Tom Tindell – I just received the buckle today. I wanna thank you for the wonderful product. I will definitely order products from you in the future and will highly recommend your site to all my friends. Thank you for the great service. Sincerely, Christopher Ogoy.

Posted 2-05-2012 By Jason Rawhut! Hi Tom, Jason Rawhut here. Thanks a lot, can’t wait to get it. I’m a gardener, grounds keeper. I use that little knife about 50 times a day. It’s an awesome tool! Jason Rawhut

Posted 2-10-2012 By Mike G! I’ve been looking at these for several years and finally bought one. Wow what was I waiting for? I love it. Great knife, thanks, Mike G.

Posted 2-13-2012 By Pedro Erasmo Pupo! My wife and I spent 3 hours on the site looking. She would call out a link to me and I would check it out and I would call out a link for her to check = we LOVE your product. When we found the ‘site map’, there were only 4 or 5 links to be explored. I will be ordering at least 3, my favorite cousin, my brother, and ME. Cool lifesaving device/tool!

Posted 3-06-2012 By Andrew! Tom. It arrived on Monday. I am incredibly happy with it. It’s truly is my best investment! I have a friend who will be purchasing one in the future. He loved it. Thank you very much! I’m wearing it now! Great service Kind Regards Thanks again Andrew.

Posted 3-21-2012 By MrMoff! Still wearing mine with sharpener tucked down in the buckle and everything. Best piece of kit, best investment I have made for a long time! People this will last forever, trust me! Its solid! MrMoff

Posted 3-23-2012 By Phil! Way cool Tom. I can’t tell you how lost I am without my knife. I reach for it all the time and its gone. My kids always ask to use it when they need something cut. It has become a part of me. Thanks for your great customer service. Phil

Posted 3-27-2012 By Shayne Smith! WOW I completely love it! Shayne Smith

Posted 4-04-2012 By Paul! Tom, I appreciate that you took the time to call and email to verify my waist size. That says a lot about the type of business you guys run…It shows you care. I just measured my waist and it is 35″. Once again I’m glad I decided to do business with you and will definitely recommend you to friends. Paul

Posted 5-17-2012 By Tim Kauffman! great work knife, when on a ladder or opening boxes, using around the yard for cutting mulch bags, cutting baling twine on straw, cooking on a deck in Gatlinburg a bear climbed up the post while I was cooking and came over the rail, although I had enough time to get to the sliding door, I at least had my belt buckle knife on my belt. admired by all that I show, including guards and military in areas that I work going through metal detectors. started off not wanting to use it, to keep it sharp. know it is my primary knife. tk.

Posted 6-04-2012 By Tina Simonetti! Tom, Thank you so much. This will be given to him as soon as I can get as quick as you with the draw! He will flip! He’ll have it at the paramedic school showing everyone! All of his fireman buddies will flip as well. I am so excited and cant wait to see his face. Thank you again. I look forward to my next orders. I will be showing it to my boyfriend who is an avid hunter and fisherman. I had mentioned it to him and I want to get his opinion so I can get him one for his birthday. Have a great week. Tina Simonetti

Posted 6-15-2012 By George Ciambrano! I just received the two belts I ordered and I love them..they fit perfect and are made really well..great quality leather..thanks so much Tom for your fine work..take care. George Ciambrano

Posted 6-15-2012 By Charles Blevins! I just received my knife, may I say that it is a exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Thank you. Charles Blevins in Kentucky.

Posted 6-15-2012 By Steven Cranford! I really appreciate your concern and effort you demonstrated during our conversations. I really like the buckle and have worn it during my travels to at least two countries in the Persian Gulf and Asia (but not through any Airports).”Steven Cranford

Posted 7-20-2012 By Bob G! Hey Tom – Just wanted to let you know I got the replacement knife today. I’ve been in love with your product for years and now am ecstatic about your great service. I’ll just have to go out and do more bragging on you and see if I can send some more business your way! Thanks again, Bob G.

Posted 7-20-2012 By Youtube User Pestcontrol02! got my bucklehead today!! I love it..the engraving is beautiful. A great “Made in America” product..high quality & built to last thank you!

Posted 7-24-2012 By J. Smith! Thank you very much! everything was delivered today, looks & functions just perfectly. I really couldnt be more happy. I love it. I’ll be sure & tell my friends. Thanks again. Respectfully yours, J. Smith

Posted 7-24-2012 By K-Man! got my flame buckle today its awesome cant stop playing with it and the quality and craftmanship is amazing theres nothing like it where i come from keep it up guys!

Posted 7-26-2012 By Steve! Just wanted to say thanks for such a great and easy to use product! I use it a few times/day and the quality and service is great! You can definitely tell you are proud of your product and take pride in your work, please don’t ever lose that! Thanks again, Steve

Posted 7-31-2012 By Jody! I just received my belt and buckle and it fits perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to be sure that your product gets out with high standards. Jody

Posted 8-07-2012 By Sam! Tom, I am pleased to tell you i have recieved the knife. thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation with the problems we’ve had i am very happy with the way you conduct your business and the quality of your product. i will definitely be informing my friends and family of my positive experience with your company. again thank you regards Sam

Posted 8-07-2012 By Youtube User Ghostginthree! I have one of these, bought it at the gun show where this gentlemen was selling them. See his videos, he is fast with this knife. Once you learn the easy technique to grab and deploy the knife from the buckle, you can get really fast in and out. I have done this and will eventually make a video. It is very sharp, good quality knife blade and just fast. I love it. The magnets are really strong, so it will not just fall out and it is hard for someone to remove it from your buckle.

Posted 8-07-2012 By Youtube User theasiandude19! I’m buying one.

Posted 9-20-2012 By Chris Bates! Got my belt & buckle today. Belt fits perfect just like you said & the buckle is bitchen!! Completely satisfied..THANK YOU…Chris Bates…

Posted 10-06-2012 By Ralph Schneider! I just received my Buckle, “Tree Standing Bear” I Like the Buckle Thank you again for talking with me on the phone, answering my questions. and taking my order. I appreciate you used my shipping funds to send it USPS “AIR” and not just shipping it the cheapest way. I ordered the buckle on Oct. 1st at noon and it arrived at 2:00 pm on the 3rd. I like the buckle with the plates attached (which are the design feature); they add a heft to the “feel” of the knife and to the base buckle. Thank you again for your Customer Service. Warm regards, Ralph Schneider

Posted 10-20-2012 By Tim Gray! Hi Tom, I must thank you very much as I today received my belt buckle and to say my dad will be pleased will be an absolute understatement. No doubt once the other falconers who we hunt with see it you will be receiving more orders. Thanks very much for all your help with this. Kind regards Tim Gray

Posted 10-20-2012 By John J! Tom is great. Real nice guy. Sent my buckle out when he said he would. Great product. Thanks. JJ.

Posted 10-26-2012 By Walter! ..I’ve had one of your buckles for many years now and it’s always been useful when i travel around the World. I can’t think of a more useful tool Thanks! Walter

Posted 11-03-2012 By Kirby From Iowa! Have had my knife for a while and love it! Have had one issue and it was addressed and fixed 150% Thanks Tom Its great to deal with such craftsmanship and HONEST PEOPLE!!! UFFDA

Posted 11-17-2012 By Juan Envigado From Colombia! Tom, thank you very much on this kindness, my belt buckle knife has become almost part of my skin, when I had it stolen last week (Someone violated my suitcase during a flight) I was in grave pain, this whole week I’ve been grabbing my belly looking for a knife thats not there…then bugging out my pocket looking for another…I became knife addict, thanks so much…very much…

Posted 11-26-2012 By Mike! Thank you very much. Your Customer for life, Mike

Posted 12-06-2012 By John! I have had my knife now for almost ten years, LOVE it, it’s with me every day well used to the point work mates look for me when in need of a blade. The knurled blade grip was missing, a quick email and I had them delivered (no charge) within days. Tonight I just placed another order for two more for my sons. Thank you! From a happy customer. Cheers John

Posted 1-12-2013 By Kandi Dietrich! Mr. Gillespie, I just wanted to drop you a line and say I am glad to finally find your site online. I bought my 1st (it won’t be my last) belt buckle knife from you about 2001 at an art show in Tahoe Nevada. You mailed it to me in Lemon Grove California later and I have carried it around the world twice (literally) since then. It served me on 2 ships in the US Navy. I was able to wear it on my belts when I went ashore over seas as well as here in the States. I now work for a federal agency and several of my co-workers are interested in your buckles as well. I fully intend on purchasing several more for friends now that I have found your product again. Thank you for such a fantastic product! Kandi Dietrich MAC(SW) US Navy (Retired)

Posted 1-23-2013 By Ken! Thank you for your reply. I bought two of your buckle knives a while ago, gave one to a kid I work with and he has used it everyday for however long it’s been, maybe two years. Your products are great for sure and like I said the kid I work with uses his it seems like every thirty seconds of everyday. Thanks much. Ken

Posted 2-11-2013 By Jared Baratono! Honestly, I first bought this buckle as a method of carrying a last ditch concealed method of defense. I never dreamed of how often I would put this knife to use. Aside from being a decent quality blade that takes and holds an edge, it is SO damn handy! I find myself no longer carrying my pocket knife, or very seldom reaching for my Leatherman. KUDOS! I will be buying more of these, both for myself, and as Christmas gifts. Thank you for your consideration, and for producing such a fine product. Jared Baratono

Posted 2-22-2013 By Richard Cremeans! Dear Tom I received my knife and found it to be more than I expected… The recommendations about the engraving, etc. were excellent.. Several people have asked me where I got it and I showed them your card, they said they were going to look you up on line and get their own design. Thank You for your help Richard Cremeans

Posted 2-28-2013 By JN! Thank you for this durable, practical, American hand-crafted product. Its design enhances my ability to apply the principle of economy of motion; this contributes to my attribute of speed. Its application is direct and can be non-telegraphic. Overall, a great every-day-carry tool that emphasizes on fast and direct delivery of the blade. Thanks again for this wonderful product.

Posted 2-28-2013 By Private Investigator JP! I can draw this weapon just just as fast as my firearm. I work murder cases in the tough parts of some rough cities, so a backup is a must, especially at close quarters. I have tried many types of backup methods but this one is the most reliable. This Greg Gillespie Belt Buckle Knife is solid with the finest workmanship I’ve seen in a long time; easily in par with German made tools. It’s perfectly concealable, and lightning fast, so I named it “Partner Greg”. We PIs travel alone so it’s nice to have a partner. Thanks Greg. If you need anything, I too have a special set of skills; just let me know what ya need.

Posted 3-31-2013 By James Cavera! Best idea ever! Wear it everyday. Convinced my friends to order too! Thanks!

Posted 5-13-2013 By Mariana! The buckle is great. It’s the perfect gift for my nephew graduating from College. He attends Rocky Mountain College in Billings – the Battlin’ Bears. PS, My nephew was thrilled with the gift! Thank you! Mariana

Posted 5-20-2013 By Bill Gray! Thank you for following up with excellent customer service, and we do appreciate the quality of your product made in the USA. I saw this product worn by someone who I don’t know working on aircraft in Santiago Chile. Bill Gray

Posted 5-22-2013 By Daniel Ormonde! First off I really respect that it was USA made. The whole concept is solid. Just received sharpener and it worked exactly as shown along with the fire starter. This knife could save your life two ways. Defense and survival. Thanx for a job well done.

Posted 6-09-2013 By Jon Belmont! Tom – The buckles arrived yesterday and look fantastic… better than I could have hoped for. They fit perfectly on a standard rigger’s belt, the pins look fabulous, and the hand-engraved lettering on either side looks like it completely belongs there. Thanks so much for another great product! – Jon Belmont

Posted 6-13-2013 By Alex T! You guys are the best…. Thank you so much. Alex T

Posted 7-08-2013 By EJ! I ordered a plain replacement one late Monday and I’m looking at it today…Thursday. I know a $25 sale isn’t making you rich….but you treated it like something important. It makes a real difference to me and what I do with it professionally and am prepared to do “socially”, so I thank you for walking your talk. Class.
Thanx again – EJ

Posted 7-08-2013 By Patrick Madden! Have just received my belt buckle knife and belt here in Ireland and have to say mightly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your products. Using the fire starter left me grinning ear to ear, I thoroughly endorse your belt buckle knife as a superb piece of kit, thanks guys it was a pleasure doing business with you. All the best-Patrick.

Posted 7-16-2013 By Terry J! Thank you for being a honorable company. The return is in the mail. Thanks again. Terry J


Posted 8-28-2013 By James! Tom I received my belt and buckle their awesome! Thanks for the great customer service and getting everything right on the first try! James

Posted 9-08-2013 By Marty! Wanted to say Thanks!! It’s nice to see a quality product made in the USA from good people. I love my new knife. Marty

Posted 9-16-2013 By Tim Ross! Got my buckle fast, it is absolutely great! Works as well as shown, I may not ever take it off!!!

Posted 9-20-2013 By Robert Stevenson! Thanks for a great product Mr. Gillespie. I’m very happy with my belt buckle knife. I live in the 3 largest city in the USA and work with the public. I don’t go for a bad ass, but I feel much better now that I have our Lord and Savior (Jesus) by my side and my belt buckle knife on my waist. Mrs. G, who took my order, was super nice and cool. Thanks again, your urban cowboy & fan in chic town, Rob

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-8-2013 By Ryan! Just received my replacement blade… Thank you so much.
Your customer service is sublime.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-14-2013 By Eric Evens! Got them last night.
They’re beautiful, better than the picture showed. Thank you so much!!!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-22-2013 By Rachael Ward! I just wanted you to know that I got it today.
The picture doesn’t do it justice. I absolutely love it.
Thank you for getting my custom order perfect and on short notice.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-28-2013 By Dan Post! Tom; Received my buckles and knifes. Wow!!! What an excellent product . Man, the finish and quality is amazing. It is a work of art. Postage to Australia was excellent. One question. Have you ever thought of making a buckle and knife for left handers. Cheers and thanks. Dan Post

Tom. It’s ok that you don’t make a left handed buckle anymore. But you are not getting the right handed buckle back. Lol. Honestly the best made and thought out product I have purchased in a long time. In a world of cheap throw away products its nice to see a company that make a quality product and stand by it. I will be buying more. Cheers and thanks. Dan Post

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-05-2013 By Rocky & Vicki Markham! What can I say about your service other than wow, we actually put a post up on Yelp about your service. We did expect you to stand behind your product, but didn’t expect you to send us another knife as well. A first class act. Thank You. Best Wishes Rocky & Vicki Markham/Owners Worldwide Creative Design & Vicki’s Clothing & Jewelry

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-07-2013 By Brad Peterson! Can’t say enough. Ordered my buckle on Sunday night have it in my hand thurs. Literally, in my hand cause I can’t stop playing with it. Outstanding product, I will definitely have a ton of use for this. I ordered mine with the sharpener and firestarter on the buckle, great combo. Thanks again.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-07-2013 By Youtube User fatouff! best buckle in the world! I own 2 and wear them everyday.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-13-2013 By Javier Cardoza! Ran into you guys in the middle of nowhere in the mountains coming back from Reno from our Yearly Bike run. I bought a fire starter with knife sharpener, was really impressed with it. My best friend surprised me three weeks later as he had grabbed your business card and he ordered all the groomsmen for his wedding the belt buckle knife engraved with our initials and fire starter. The best gift I have gotten in awhile. The knife is well made for being small and is really strong and sharp. The fact that it is made and engraved all by hand and here in the USA makes it a great product. Thank you guys AWESOME Product. “I need a belt now”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-18-2013 By Bernadette! Tom, thanks for your quick reply, u guys sure give good customer service. Thanks, this is a beautiful knife/buckle. That was the fastest shipping ever. Thanks Bernadette

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-22-2013 By Javier C! Tom ; I got the belts the same day you emailed me. It’s appreciated and I’m really happy with the products. Thank you so much. Javier C.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-04-2013 By Hussh! What drew me to putting out the money for my first knife was the guarantee covering the knife till “The World stopped Turning.” That was back in ’07. 6 years later, the magnet crumbled and the knife fell from the buckle and was gone. I contacted Tom to see if I could order the same custom knife again, without the buckle as I still had that part. I explained to him what happened and not only was he able to pull my order from 2007 and make me an exact copy but, because of the guarantee, he replaced it for free. Who stands behind their product like that in todays world? Your reading from their page right now.

Follow Up By Hussh! Hey Tom, the testimonial was something deserving. The fact that “your” words were what you lived, believed, and stood behind rather than just some sales pitch created to sell something, earned my praise and respect. I’ll be placing an order on Friday, December 13th for a knife for a family member because I know that not only will it be practical in their every day but, it will be something they’ll have when I’m gone and the world continues to turn. Thanks again Tom!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-04-2013 By Kevin! Tom, I received my belt and replacement knife in the mail yesterday. As always, I am a very happy with the quality of your product! The size is perfect and the knife is cleaner as well as opens smoother than even my original. Thank you again and I will continue to recommend your product to anyone who asks! Great job! And I hope business is going well for you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-06-2013 By Julie! Tom, Thank you SO much for all your help with this!! Can’t wait for your amazing belt buckle!! 🙂 ~Julie

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-06-2013 By Ulrike from Germany! Tom; i´m very surprised! I really appreciate the fast reply! I didn’t think such a “present” was possible in a market oriented world. i´ve been your customer for a couple of years by now. and again I know exactly why! Thanx a lot for the very friendly service and customer oriented support. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and fellows. thanx a lot and happy xmas!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-22-2013 By Stephen Fernandez! Tom, Just a note of thanks for the replacement knife. Got it today. It’s refreshing to see that there are still good honest folks out there. Merry X-mas. God bless, Stephen Fernandez.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-22-2013 By Steve Lloyd! My name is Steve Lloyd.. thank you very have a customer for life.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-22-2013 Anonymous! Hi! I just received the buckle and its perfect! Thank you so much for getting it out so quickly. 🙂 You’ve made it such a better Christmas already. Since I’m not able to get out and do any shopping, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get my sweet husband anything, but your company came through and I am so overwhelmed and grateful for that! I pray your holiday season is wonderful! Happy Christmas!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-28-2013 By Drew Dukes! I bought my knife about 8 to 10 years ago and never go anywhere without it what a awesome buckle/knife.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-28-2013 By John from Northern CA! being left handed, I was concerned it would be awkward drawing the knife with my right. With a little practice though, I am drawing it smooth and fast! Love the product, the craftsmanship, and shipping was super fast!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-29-2013 By Debi Davis! Tom, Ed really liked the knife belt buckle I gave him for Christmas. Took a few minutes to figure out how it worked – but Ed finally did. Very clever. Thank you. Hope you are enjoying a Merry Christmas. Debi Davis

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-03-2014 By Kambria! Tom, Yes, we received the order and everything is perfect! The engraved knife for our youngest son whose 12 was a HUGE success! He was so excited that he finally got one like his older brothers and Dad. Thanks again for your wonderful generosity in replacing my husbands knife! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year! Warm Regards, Kambria

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-05-2014 By Dillan Bryant! Best money I ever spent on a knife. I ordered the knife, fire starter and sharpener. Everything works great!!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-16-2014 By Eric & Donna! Hey Tom, Happy New Year to you and your wife!! Thank you so much for your promp attention with Eric loosing his Bucklehead knife. Oh and thank you for sending that sharpener! You “ROCK” Tom…..Thanks again for keeping Eric’s jeans on!! lol Talk again sometime. Eric & Donna

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-30-2014 By Bruce F Pattison! My wife got me one of your buckles with my last name in sterling silver. I think it’s great. I really appreciate the ingenuity and craftsmanship. Thanks!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-04-2014 By Dominique in France! A magnificent piece of handcraft. One must be proud to own such a beautiful thing. I must add TOM is really a very, very nice guy.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-06-2014 By Dennis Ross! Tom, Buckles showed up today………WOW!
Thanks again, Dennis Ross

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-14-2014 By Chuck Mueller! Tom, you did a great job on my buckles they are working great. I think I will order your sharpener in the future. It works extremely well. I am so pleased with these results. You guys are the best and stand behind one of the finest products I have ever owned. Thanks for speaking with me and providing fantastic service.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-27-2014 By Therese Powell! I ordered two of these Belt Buckle Knives for matching Valentines Day presents for myself and my biker sweetheart. We both could not be happier with the quality and ease of this product. Thank you so much for the wonderful service (Tom) and an exceptional product. We will wear them proudly!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-05-2014 By DIMO! Hi Tom, I received the holster and am more than pleased about the purchase. Quality stuff, by the interest I’m receiving from people, don’t be surprised if my name becomes familiar in your order books. Thanx for the personal interest you’ve taken for a customer. Have a good one mate, all the best.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-12-2014 By Mischa! First off, I wanted to thank you for such an excellent product. I bought one of your knives almost a decade ago now, and it has proved it’s worth a hundred times over (I primarily use the blade for simple actions like box cutting, and opening envelopes, but it is so gratifying to know it is right there when I need it). My family never really passed down heirlooms, and this was one of the first purchases in my life that I immediately felt that I would pass down to a son or grandson.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-17-2014 By Howard Smith! Received my belt knife via mail today real quick from ordering last week. Checked it out was amazed how well it was all put together and cleverly thought out. This is a real keeper after checking out everything else out that’s out there. Very well made so well it has nothing comparable to it out there.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-31-2014 By Adam De Los Reyes! Thank you for repairing my knife. This is the best knife I have ever owned I will spread the word about this amazing knife.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-04-2014 By Michael Buist! Hi, Tom the sharpener arrived and it’s a wee beauty. Ta very much. Cheers Michael Buist.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-09-2014 By Vivian! Hi there Tom, I received the buckle and it didn’t take me long to figure it out. And after ‘playing’ with it for a while it became even easier and I now understand how it works (LOL) without having to go back to the video I watched when I placed the order.
Really neat little knife, and it is proudly added to my concealed carry inventory. I have another knife and also carry a S & W 38 model 637 gunsmoke featherweight that I shoot very well…..just went to the range yesterday. Not too bad for a 79 year ‘little old lady’. Again thank you! Vivian

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-19-2014 By Bryan! I saw you at the Mountain View art and wine festival for the second time and almost bought a Belt buckle knife but could not decide on which design I liked more, so left empty handed.
Then months later, I opened a Christmas present from my girlfriend and there was the knife that I wanted. I work at a desk and in server rooms, and wear this every day and this tool gets used multiple times every single day – and does not wear a hole in my pockets like a pocket knife does. I just sent another customer your way after he was in awe when I slipped this out today at the office.
On my motorcycle with chaps on I can always get to my blade in an instant. On a ladder stripping Romex – this was the tool. Thanks for the fine craftsmanship and a beautiful product!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-29-2014 By David McGehee! Tom, Buckles I ordered late Friday afternoon 4/25/2014, received today 4/28/2014. That’s what I call service. All I can say is, These things are BADASS!!!. Thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 5-16-2014 By Mike! I received my knife back yesterday. Thank you for the great fast service. I really appreciate it. I hope to be ordering another one in the near future. Thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-06-2014 By Dominique From France! Hi Tom, I can’t explain what I felt when I received the buckle belt with “Steven” engraved on it! What a splendid work and what a splendid gift for my nephew. I’m so glad. I can’t thank you enough. The magnet is incredibly strong. It’s a great item to offer to a man and maybe even to a woman (those buckles are so light) Thanks again Tom, I’m Your happiest client in France and I’ll let every one know. Friendly from France. Dominique

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-11-2014 By Mike Morris! Tom — Got my knife back. Thanks so much for the quick turn around. Looks like a new one. I wear it daily and felt naked without it.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-18-2014 By Dominique From France! Tom, Hi there, Great Gift for my nephew. He still can’t believe it. He didn’t even know that a product like yours could exist.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-22-2014 By Mark Magnuson! Late last week via the phone, I ordered “a” buckle and knife and received the “my” buckle/knife by Tuesday (quite fast, thanks). Just wanted to let you know, the order as expected and complete. Also, a great web site as it was enjoyable to browse. Thanks for doing business and great product.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-11-2014 By Mike! This is just amazing! The quality is super great. Overall this product excellent. I was really happy when I received it and could not wait to show it off. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be getting more of these. Thank you

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-28-2014 By Aimee Daniels! That’s amazing!!!!Thank you!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-12-2014 By Craig! Hi Tom, Just received my buckle knife! Absolutely awesome and thank you for the excellent service! Will let all my friends know all about you guys. Yours sincerely Craig

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-16-2014 By Mark Lynch! I have had my knife for over 7 years and it’s admired by all. I am planning on purchasing another! Excellent work.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-05-2015 By Rick Nordyke! I can not say enough about the quality and the warranty of this product. I’ve owned my buckle about 15 years now and they have always fixed it if there has been an issue. They have gone far beyond to make me happy. I would not recommend anyone else. Rick \”Indiana\”

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-12-2015 By Doug! Tom – yes sir! thank you very very much. It’s looks great.
I am on a plane and headed out to deliver it! thanks again – Doug

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 1-24-2015 By Don Van Nispen! Thanks, I love it..

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-23-2015 By Raynald! I have received my buckle and very good quality thanks.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-27-2015 By Bert! Thank you for the prompt service.
We appreciate that and you have a great product..

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-14-2015 By Jeffrey S. Bisaga Ph.D! Just wanted to add a personal note of appreciation to my payment for your upright business practices. That a company with a fine quality product you produce. I was expecting to pay twice as much for the replacement and the fact you insisted I wait and send my check after the knife arrived blew me away. You represent times honored values that, regrettably are quickly disappearing from our culture – thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-15-2015 By Aaron Eissens! Tom, I received my new knife I ordered and couldn’t be more pleased. I feel like I have been reunited with a old friend with this knife. I’d like to say thanks once again for making a quality product. Sincerely, Aaron Eissens.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-16-2015 By Fred Stahly! Thank you so much! It’s great to see a company stand by what they sell. My wife bought me a custom knife from you probably 9 years ago and the buckle clasp broke. I saw you guys at the murphys show and you took it back and sent to me not only fixed but you added the magnesium strip to it! You guys are what America needs right now! Made in America by Americans !!! Thank you soooo much it’s people like you that keep the dream alive.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 5-01-2015 By L Watson! Thank you very much! We really appreciate doing business with you and love your workmanship!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 5-31-2015 By Fernando Fernandez! Hello there it’s Fernando Fernandez again. I just received my buckle today and as a young 21 yr old production and custom knife collector I can easily tell that it is worth every penny. Thx

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-05-2015 By Mark! Awesome, thanks Tom. This is my second buckle, you have a fantastic product here. I’ve personally given 3 as gifts since bumping into your booth at the Los Altos art and wine festival last year. Mark

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-05-2015 By Ron Maslowski! I\’ve carried a knife ever since my days in the Airborne Infantry. Received my first belt buckle knife 3 weeks ago an loved it so much I received my 2nd Custom Sterling Silver one today to wear on special occasions. It is the best an fastest knife in the world. Thanks Again. I\’ll never leave home without it. Ron Maslowski

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-09-2015 By Karen! The person that received the buckle loves it! Of course! Also, the belt size is perfect too. Thank you again for your help. Best regards, Karin

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-13-2015 By Anonymous! If you haven’t checked out Gillespie’s work, it’s worth the look. ( No, I’m not a dealer. I just purchased two of his interchangeable knives, a custom belt buckle, the mini sharpener (that fits into the buckle) and a stick of Ferrocerium that attaches under the buckle. They look great and those knives have replaced my Skeletool, Harsey T2 and Randall Model 1 as my EDC. It’s definitely the most convenient and inconspicuous little knife I’ve ever owned. I’ve got it shaving sharp.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-07-2015 By John Heathwood! Congratulations to you and your comrades on an excellent well made quality product. I’m very pleased and am heading out to sea fish this afternoon and will put it to good use. Kind regards. John Heathwood

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-12-2015 By Marc Verschelden! Hi Tom… .. I just received the 2 knives and I am very pleased.
Thank you for sending them so quickly.
I ordered my first knife 8 years ago and still have it…thanks again, Marc Verschelden.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-18-2015 By Michael Langon! I cannot believe my buckle was in today’s mail! You guys are the best with service and I will recommend this product to all of my friends. I’m an avid knife collector and buy very high end blades “bench made, protect, microteck”.
I have all different types and many tactical switchblades.
Your product by far is the best knife system i’ve ever purchased! Thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-21-2015 By Manrique! Hey Tom, Love the knife! It’s just awesome. Keep up the good work.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-24-2015 By J E! Tom, thank you so much – the buckle, it’s perfect, and I love it. J E

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-08-2015 By Sherwin! Tom; Received my buckle. It’s great. Fits great. Everything’s great.
Many thanks for inventing this. Cheers. Sherwin.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-10-2015 By Drew! Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that both the knife and the fire starter arrived.
Thank you very much for the quick shipment. I look forward to using your buckle again. Have a good day.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-10-2015 By Jean-Pierre! Tom ; I use my knife on a daily basis, if I wear another belt, I miss it.
Might just have to get another one. Amazing product.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-27-2015 By Tom Sadler! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I WILL TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR GREAT SERVICE.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-04-2015 By Wayne B! Thanks again great knife & great service.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-13-2015 By Seth Smeltzer! I’ve had my knife for a couple years and I promote this knife.
It’s clearly my favorite knife and I use it a lot.
The magnet is perfect and the blade doesn’t dull easily. It’s worth every penny. Thanks.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-28-2015 By Daniel Ludlow! I just purchased my belt buckle knife yesterday at the annual harvest festival in Del Mar, Ca. I must say this is by far the coolest knife I have ever come across. Being a huge knife collector and enthusiast as soon as I saw this product I HAD to have it. Everything about it is of the highest quality from the buckle to the knife itself. It is extremely easy and fast to use. The knife locks in very securely and I can tell I will never have to worry about It falling out. Even the sharpener is unlike any sharpener I have ever used. It sharpens the knife very quickly and effectively even if you\’re not a professional at sharpening knives like myself. I can tell this belt buckle knife is built to last more than a lifetime. This is an amazing product and I could not be happier with my purchase. Everybody who sees it immediately wants one! I will never leave the house without this belt buckle knife!!! Thank you guys!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-04-2015 By Lucas Handschin!
Got my buckle today, it feels very robust and looks great.
Fast and easy communication. Highly satisfied. Thank you!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-20-2015 By Robert Goserud!
This is hands down the handiest tool I own!
I\’ve had mine for probably 4 years, I just lost the knife so I ordered a replacement!
I\’ve been lost without it.. just like if you forget your cell phone at home, that\’s how I feel!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-21-2015 By John Garcia!
I received the knife today. I wanted to say a big thanks. I will tell others of your product. Thanks again

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-22-2015 By Jose!
Tom, I received both the Textured belt strap and “The Buckle”. Wow! I love it!!!
Thank you for your personalized service. Great product, Great service..
Have a Great Thanksgiving, Jose.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-04-2015 By Sonia!
Hi Tom, I’m glad to tell you that today the buckle has been delivered to me!!!
Thank you for everything it’s really well done and I like it very much!!!!
It was a pleasure!!! thanks!!!! have a nice day.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-03-16 By Steven F. Wolfe M.D.
Really appreciate the rapid warranty replacement of my buckle head knife.
The knife is a great tool and used daily. Thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-09-16 By Jeff.
Thank you Tom. My Dad loves it. It really turned out great. Jeff

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-10-16 By David Gannon.
It has been more than six years since I saw you at the cow Palace.
From the First time I saw your belt buckle I had to have it. Thank you for a great tool.
I am a mechanic I use my knife every day. I Really like The knife and the sharpener.
Nothing beats having everything you need for the job. Please keep up the great work.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 2-11-16 By Vincent.
And the belt buckle looks most sharp. It is superbly done. I could tell as soon as I held it it is built to last.
To anyone like me that misses that solid feel because our stores have been filled to overflow with cheap products made in far-off places – Get this buckle.
So, is it fast? Most certainly! Once I figured out to push the top of the knife outward (away from myself) on the area of the knife that is cleared by a recess built into the top of the buckle for that purpose there’s a nice smooth feel to it even while sitting in a chair.
BTW, putting it back into the buckle is just as easy.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-03-16 By Rob Gerring.
10 years and counting! I bought my knife from your booth at the Fresno hotrod show in 2006. I wear it constantly.
Other than having to occasionally sharpen It this knife serves me well daily. I use and abuse it all the time.
I still get comments on it after 10 years. I may buy a new one. All the design choices now are really nice.
A great investment, I love this knife.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-07-16 By Art Hernandez.
I’m beyond impressed with my buckle and knife. I’ve had friends tell their friends about my rig.
It’s a great product! Get ready guys. More business is coming your way.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-21-16 By Eric.
Tom, got the belt today. Fits great. Used the knife a few times and it’s nice and sharp.
I’ll pass on the good word about the great products you sell here in the U.S. Thank you. Eric from Florida, NY

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-21-16 By Will Cumbie.
Hey Guys! Got my two Belts today!!! WOW, was that EVER Fasssssssst Shipping!!!
But I had to tell ya these belts are Bad ASS!!!!
VERY Good Workmanship, and they really look Durable and well made! THanks Guys!!!!
Gonna be ordering another knife for myself soon and a couple more for my Brother and Son!!!
THanks Again!!!!! Will Cumbie

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-28-16 By Henry G.
Thank you for your time and I appreciate you responding. I’m a proud owner of one knives you made.
hopefully a few more later on down the road. I love the knife you made. It’s literately the best knife I’ve ever owned. It goes everywhere with me, and I use it for many things, fishing, wiring, literally almost anything I need a knife for it is there for the job. Thanks Henry G

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-29-16 By Michael D.
Best freakin buckle you will ever have ,,I love mine ,makes me feel safe and handy ,,top quality product,
I would recommend you to add the flint on the buckle if you order one and make sure you know how to use ur flint (really) , Could save your life,
Thanks Tom Michael D

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 3-29-16 Also By Michael D.
I purchased my bucklehead knife a few years ago ,,and it’s the only buckle I have ever worn from then on ,,
I LOVE IT ,,, I have shown all my family members ,they think it’s pretty cool ,,now last night at Easter supper my brother in law decided he wants one Anyway.
I want to thank you for inventing ,supplying us with such a high quality product right here in America. Michael D

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2016 By Garry.
Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that I received my knife buckle and accessories today.
I am very pleased with them. Thank you for your prompt service. All the best Garry

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2016 By Roger Jakobsen.
Thanx a lot for Your good communication and service. Nice of you to send all in one Box.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2016 By Chris.
Tom, Thank you so much for this kind of attention….I really appreciate it!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-10-2016 By Gary.
I had bought my first one from you at an outdoor market/craft fair at Lake Tahoe about 6 yrs ago.
Then bought two more for my sons as Christmas presents. My sons cherish these, as do I. Great product! Gary

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 4-21-2016 By Janet.
Thanks for answering my questions, btw. I appreciate your customer service.
It’s a trait that’s often sadly lacking in this day and age! Cheers.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-15-2016 By Cindy Peden.
This knife is fabulous, and the customer service is even better : )
I live on a small ranch, and I always have my knife on me.
Cutting twine on bales, cutting feed bags open, have even cut a few weeds with it walking around the fence.
I would recommend this knife to anyone. You will love it!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-21-2016 By Jake Taylor.
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent customer service I received from you.
I have been in love with my buckle from the day I bought it, when it broke I was devastated.
But you replaced it for me and I am extremely grateful.
In the future I will not hesitate to send you my business. So I thank you again.
I will definitely send any potential inquiries and customers in your direction.
Loyal customer, Jake Taylor

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 6-23-2016 By Matthew Bleile.
Wow, Thank you. You guys are great and I will continue to buy your products (which is fantastic on it’s own)
and brag to others about the awesome customer service I received.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-15-2016 By Robert Gutierrez.
Best and most useful knife ever.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 7-27-2016 By Ben Farley.
I recently ordered two of your bucklehead knives and belts.
I am writing to you to simply say how impressed I am with the sheer quality of your products.
The knife is fantastic and I cannot fault the magnetic mechanism.
Both the belts and buckles looked great on your website but have far exceeded expectations in the flesh and blood.
I will be sure to recommend your products to friends and family. Yours sincerely, Ben Farley.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-09-2016 By Harley Biker.
I have to thank you for the personal time and help you gave me and the prompt shipping of my knife and belt.
In the short 5 minutes I have worked with it I am so pleased that it is everything you demonstrated.
Someday I will be as good but just the ease of its use is worth the price.
Thank you from a proud 66 year old Harley rider.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 8-24-2016 By Unknown Satisfied Customer.
Wanna say thank you very much. I am the proud owner of one of my biggest selling dreams right now.
Awesome buckle and knife thank you. I just received it and very happy. Appreciate your artistry in this knife.
It looks and feels much better than what I thought it would be and from what I’ve seen on your website.
Best regards.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-06-2016 By Litton Logan.
Great product! Glad I’ve got two of them.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 9-06-2016 By Rick.
I want to thank you for the very fast turnaround on my knife repair.
I will tell everyone I know how great you guys are. Thanks again

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-05-2016 By Cecile.
My order came in and it’s awesome!! Great buckle, knife and belt!! I admire the innovation and quality, Tom.
I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-05-2016 By Steve.
I just wanted to let you know that my belt and knife turned up without any problems thanks to your experience.
I am really impressed with the quality and will soon put an order in for another one. Thanks again, Steve

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-23-2016 By Unknown.
It’s not too often I come across a human being with genuine talent and passion for what he loves to do. I admire your inspiration, ingenuity and personal commitment to own a business like this… In mid August I traveled to South Lake Tahoe for a concert, coming from Fresno It’s been a journey of remote camping, living off-grid and a reflection of how I was raised in PA, the Fact I came across your product was not by accident, but fate. And I thank you, as a new customer, and now, as a life long customer! I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the past decade, meeting all sorts of interesting people, and you’re certainly one of them. Thank-you for creating (for me) an awesome personalized belt buckle, it represents my personal passion, and hobby. I’m more excited now by the photo you sent me and I’m not sure how I’ll act once I have and wear that belt buckle… You just made me the happiest man…. and it’s been a long time coming!!!!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 10-23-2016 By Larry.
Happy buckle knife owner for almost 10 years. It is a quality knife. Lawnmower handle knocked it out of its holster while mowing and it was lost hidden in the grass in rainy Oregon for over a year 1/2 before found and after a little polishing its as good as new and back on my belt.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-06-2016 By David Bailey.
Recently received email explaining about you guarantee and your willingness to replace the knife.
Just wanted to say I appreciate your service. In this case I absolute abused the knife and already have ordered replacement. I love my belt buckle knife and think your customer service is outstanding. Great folks to deal with.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-06-2016 By Bill Riddle.
I saw your knife in the movie : Close Range. I love it. I definitely want one.
I’m a big fan of your belt buckle knife.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 11-13-2016 By Stanley.
Hello Tom received the goods ..great, sticks like glue. Thanks Stanley.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-03-2016 By Lance Sullivan.
I would like to say thank you. I bought one of your buckles about 2 years ago.
I was planning a huge motorcycle trip. I wore this everyday for 14 months on my motorcycle trip around Europe to 46 countries.
I used it constantly and its one of the best products I’ve bought.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-05-2016 By Baden Whitehead.
Well howdy folks… about a year ago or more, I bought one of your belt-buckle knives…LOVE IT…
wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and VERY useful product.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-11-2016 By Digirolamo’s.
Merry christmas, as the wife of a truckdriver, to find an actual human being on the other end of my phone and kind too is just special service these days… but to also have kindness and his product is made in the good old US OF A. well what else can i say . the customer service is just special and as perfect as the product.
Best money ever spent. …………. again merry xmas to all.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 12-26-2016 By D.Gramse.
What an awesome knife. My brother-in-law got me a buckle knife for Christmas and I’m impressed.
I love the fact that it’s made in the USA, it’s concealable, and it has such a smooth working mechanism for dispatchment.
The best part is that I can wear it every day to work and no one will be the wiser.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-13-2017 By Salwa Matarieh.
Well! He finally just seen it yesterday we both love it! It’s the coolest buckle. The belts are great too!
I’ve mastered the unbuckle of the knife. Thank you for your service and your kindness! The engraving is perfect!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-13-2017 By Valued Customer.
My son received the buckle and was very happy! Thanks for your patience and help with the buckle,
sense of urgency to get it shipped out so he would get it on time. Much appreciated!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-13-2017 By Valued Customer.
Hi Tom The knife and buckle has arrived here now. I have used it for a couple of weeks,
and I`m very, very happy with it. What a splendid idea !!!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-21-2017 By Andy.
Many thanks for your help.
I always have faith in your products and after sales service and will support your products in the future.
Your after sales service is Super 100% customer satisfaction. Andy in Singapore

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-22-2017 By Lucas Handschin Switzerland.
Dear Tom, my shipment arrived yesterday, everything is perfect. Thank you so much!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-29-2017 By Arild.
Tom. You are the man. Have a nice weekend.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 03-29-2017 By Andy.
Bucklehead buckles are unique in design and good ” craftmanship especially the sterling silver ” Eagle head.
Good quality silver – good work keep it up.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 04-08-2017 By Alan Poat.
Just received my buckle knife. It’s beautiful! I look forward to practicing with it. Thanks

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 04-18-2017 By Alex Dughman.
I purchased this knife over a decade ago at a trade show in San Francisco and have NOT stepped out of my home without it since.
I am a mechanic and biker. I use this knife daily and pull it out at least 10 times a day.
Multiply that by 10 years, that is over 30 thousand times.
Besides annual sharpening and tightening the torx every now and then this knife has never failed me.
I value great products and far and few have matched this knife.
I wish I could say id buy another but the fact is, mine is just fine.
I have bought a few as gifts and the recipients love them. Thank you for an excellent product.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 04-22-2017 By Matthew Clarke from Australia.
The knife arrived last week and the buckle got here yesterday.
I couldn’t be happier with the quality and I’m sure Ill be ordering another one soon for my daughters birthday present. Thank you.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 05-01-2017 By Chopper Daves Moto.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 05-01-2017 By C Makin.
I have just received my buckle ordered a few weeks ago and would like to congratulate you on producing a first class product.
I will have no problems recommending it to others.
I’ll probably order more myself but by express delivery just wanted to give credit where credits due nice one man Much appreciated.

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 06-19-2017 By Steven Guyen.
This knife is truly one of a kind. I was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship put into it when I ordered one months ago,
and now I am returning to purchase another as a gift. I look forward to returning in the future to purchase more!

Belt buckle knife reviews posted 07-15-2017 By Mike Roberts.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your call yesterday.
It shows you care about your customers. That is something that is rare these days.
A lot of businesses seem to only care about themselves and not their customers.
It was a pleasure talking with you. Thank you.

Belt knife reviews posted 02-11-2018 By Nic.
Thank you for taking care of me,
truly great service and I really appreciate all the questions you answered from me.
The buckle knife has already proven invaluable as I use it daily. Thank you,