Belt Knife Size – Height – Length – Weight

Belt knife size, dimensions, height, length, weight material used. USA made – Lifetime Warranty.
Detailed pictures to show you the exact dimensions and belt knife size.
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You are looking at a custom hand engraved belt buckle knife with a sterling silver eagle head and two feathers You will find this kind of Quality here at we Guarantee it. Lifetime Warranty 530-335-2450

buckle dimensions example 5

As you can see the Belt Buckle Knife is no larger than your average custom belt buckle.

buckle dimensions example 6

The height of the buckle is 1 5/8.

buckle dimensions example 7

The length of the buckle is 3 5/8 & the Belt Buckle Knife Weighs 5 1/2 Ounces.

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Attaches to any 1 1/2 inch belt.
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The buckle is made of 410 stainless steel. It takes 13000 pounds of force to form this buckle and it is as tough as they come.
One piece welded back and a 1/8 inch rod shackle adds up to a quality buckle. Lifetime Warranty.

buckle dimensions example 10

This pin

buckle dimensions example 11

and this powerful Samarium Cobalt Magnet is what holds the knife in place. The knife is made from 410 stainless steel and has nylon inserts to make for smooth action.

buckle dimensions example 9 new

The blade is 2 15/32 inches long and is made from 440. It will hold a great edge and can be sharpened easily with holster and keyring sharpener.

buckle dimensions example 13

The knife is made for Unlike Most and is manufactured for this application alone.

buckle dimensions example 14

The knife has a line lock for your Safety.

buckle dimensions example 15

Made for easy one handed operation.

buckle dimensions example 16

All this adds up to one handy tool and the Best Belt Buckle Knife.

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